Beaglebone News

Beaglebone Black Case Made by xchg_dot_ca

Civrays Beaglebone Black case has been made in blue PLA by xchg_dot_ca and can be viewed on Thingiverse. Great work.

The year in open hardware computers

2014 was an amazing year for and BeagleBone Black, one of the most successful open hardware computer ever invented. The BeagleBone Black in particular has outperformed in almost every category.

Stepper motor control with the BeagleBone Black and Python

The BeagleBone Black (BBB) is a $45 credit-card-sized computer that runs embedded Linux. Pete recently purchased a BBB along with an $8 4-phase stepper motor and driver to start playing around with slightly "closer-to-the-metal" motion control.

KitKat BSPs support TI Sitara and BeagleBone Black

Adeneo announced Android 4.4.4 (KitKat) BSPs for the TI Sitara AM335x and Sitara AM437x development platforms and the AM335x-based BeagleBone Black SBC.

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