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Windows 10 for Raspberry Pi 2 now available for download

Microsoft has followed up on its February promise to make Windows 10 available for the Internet of Things and has finally shipped a preview of the operating system for the Raspberry Pi 2.


Showdown: Raspberry Pi 2 vs ODROID C1 vs HummingBoard vs MIPS Creator CI20

The 2012 release of the original Raspberry Pi created a whole movement of hobbyists, developers, and educationalists, who used the ARM based platform to create, hack, and teach. Since then the SBC market has grown significantly and the Raspberry Pi is no longer the only choice available.


Raspberry Pi goes retro gaming

Raspberry Pi continues to inspire young developers of embedded systems products. One games enthusiast has used a Raspberry Pi to create a pocket-sized games console.


Now you can build your own DIY smartphone using Raspberry Pi

Developer Tyler Spadgenske has been tinkering away at a basic DIY smartphone that runs on Raspberry Pi for more than a year now, and he’s posted an updated set of directions over at Instructables. His version builds on a previous iteration created by developer Dave Hunt.


e-Paper display for Raspberry Pi [crowdfunding]

Right now on Kickstarter, you can invest in the manufacturing of an e-paper display that is designed specifically to fit directly onto Raspberry Pi without the need of external wires or connections.


BBC Micro Bit will complement Raspberry Pi not compete with it

The BBC’s new Micro Bit programmable device is designed to complement computers like the Raspberry Pi rather than compete with them, according to people involved with the project.


Microsoft to give Windows 10 version to Raspberry Pi 2 developers for free

Microsoft is developing a free version of the upcoming Windows 10 operating system supporting Raspberry Pi to be able to get into the Internet of Things (IoT).


Upgraded Raspberry Pi Offers Windows And Linux

The Raspberry Pi has been a great success, selling millions since launch in 2012 and igniting hobbyists' imagination everywhere. The Pi is a tiny computer at a tiny price, but now the arrival of a seriously upgraded Raspberry Pi 2 has brought the performance that the first lacked, in a package the same size at the same cost of US$35.


Raspberry-pi is changing and Eben Upton explains why.

Raspberry Pi is changing. The embedded computing module will see one of its largest changes in format and design next month. Eben Upton, founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, discusses the reasons for the design changes in the new Raspberry Pi Compute Module.


The new Piberella is now available from Pimoroni.

Check out the new Piberella from Pimoroni.It’s a little board that fits on-top of the Raspberry Pi aimed at helping to teach programming.


Buy an 8GB NOOBS SD card for £5

You can now buy an 8GB NOOBS SD card from the swag store for £4 including VAT, plus £1 UK shipping in the unlikely event you’re not buying other awesome swag.


Premier Farnell tucks in to sales success of Raspberry Pi

Electronics distributor Premier Farnell reported an improving sales trend over the past three months, despite the impact of the US Federal Government shut-down on the Americas.

Yorkshire Evening Post

Raspberry Pi might be a tiny computer but it's having a big impact.

Designed to make computer code writing easy, it's been used to film a teddy bears leap from space, to play a xylophone and to create a sat nav for bikes., And since launching in 2011, they've now sold their millionth device in the UK.


Pi Supply On/Off Power Switch.

An intelligent, ATX style power supply switch for the Raspberry Pi. It allows you to keep the power supply connected permanently to your Pi and just a quick push of a button to turn the power on or off.

Pi Supply

Sparkfun added Raspberry Pi camera board to their catalog.

This 5mp camera module is capable of 1080p video and still images and connects directly to your raspberry pi.


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