My RepRap

A site to document my experience building and using a RepRap 3D printer. RepRap claims to be humanity's first self replicating machine. Many of the parts that make up a RepRap were produced by another RepRap.

I plan to use mine to produce parts for my robot. But I'm open to any ideas, so let me know if you want to see anything designed or printed.

See the working printer here... »

3D Printer

The build

The kit came from and cost £499 + postage. It took about 3 weeks to arrive and a few days to put together. RepRapPro have since reduced their lead times to 10 working days. The kit contains everything you need to get going, all the parts for the printer, a power supply, glass bed, kapton tape and a reel of PLA.

The build »

Parts created

So far I have only produced a few parts. A couple of Raspberry Pi camera enclosures and a duck! I'm using Art Of Illusion to design the parts, which is quite basic but easy to learn. Quality is not great yet but I haven't really calibrated the printer. Still, here is a small selection of the parts produced so far.

Gallery »

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