A site to document my progress at building a quadcopter.

Built on a fibreglass frame with folding aluminium arms. I have added some 3D printed parts to mount the speed controllers, flight controller and radio receiver.

See the first flight here... »


Four brushless motors rotating at a speed of 935 rpm/volt drive 8" propellers to provide lift and direction. These integrate the prop adapter into the motor housing for problem free prop attachment and centering.

Motors »

Speed Controllers

The electronic speed controllers take the direct current from the battery and generate a three phase power supply for the brushless motors. There are four speed controllers one for each motor. They have an input signal from the flight controller which is used to set the level of output, which controls the speed of the motor.

Speed Controllers »

Flight Controller

The electronic flight controller takes inputs from the radio receiver and from onboard gyroscopes, performs calculaions and output signals to the four speed controllers.

Flight Controller »

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