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I Had a Lot of Fun Repeatedly Crashing this Flying USS Enterprise (Don't Tell Starfleet)

Having made drones easy enough for even a child to fly, Spin Master has taken one of its quadcopters which impressed us in the past and turned it into a flying version of Star Trek’s USS Enterprise.


Lowepro Launches Protective and Customizable Quadcopter Drone Storage System

Lowepro, the leading maker of photography carrying solutions, today announced the DroneGuard Kitâ„¢, a grab-and-go quadcopter drone storage system.


3D Robotics gets Solo "smart drone" off the ground

3D Robotics, the company that grew out of the popular DIY drones website and the imagination of Wired Magazine Editor Chris Anderson, has announced a new consumer level quadcopter drone called the Solo.


3D Robotics Solo quadcopter drone may be the ultimate GoPro accessory

3DR's close working relationship with the action-cam maker results in a powerful drone with the highest level of GoPro integration currently available. There are drones you can attach a GoPro to. And then there's the 3D Robotics Solo.


It's Hard To Tell These Quadcopter Speeder Bikes From the Movie Props

It's not quite as thrilling as the original Endor chase sequence from Return of the Jedi, but Adam Woodworth has now created a Luke version of his speeder bike quadcopter allowing him and another pilot to recreate that scene while safely perched behind a pair of controllers.


DJI introduces the Phantom 3, a 4K camera quadcopter for $1249

NEW YORK CITY—DJI just took the wraps off of its newest camera-equipped quadcopter, the DJI Phantom 3. The new Phantom—which is properly a drone because it's capable of autonomous flight—has just about every upgrade you could ask for: It's more powerful, it lasts longer, takes better quality pictures and video, and has a new remote and a revamped app.


Russia develops Arctic quadcopter to detect oil pollution, measure thickness of ice

Russian scientists have developed a flying robot specifically designed to work on Arctic research missions. The vehicle can measure the thickness of ice to help icebreakers, as well as detect oil pollution.


WLtoys V666 review: a large entry-level FPV quadcopter with upgrade potential

At a glance, the V666 looks just like a Parrot AR.Drone, but this is a fully fledged starter FPV quadcopter that's ready to fly out of the box. Here's our WLtoys V666 review.


A Star Wars Speeder Bike Quadcopter Looks Perfect Racing Through Forests

Inspired by that wonderful scene in Return of the Jedi where Luke and Leia race through the trees of Endor using speeder bikes, there's a small group of enthusiasts who do the same thing using camera-equipped remote control drones.


This Quadcopter Doesn’t Mind Getting Wet

Drones and water don’t mix; just ask Zwier Spanjer, the viral Internet star who dove fully clothed into a pond to save his beloved drone from certain death.


Quadcopter drone flew 'too close' to Southend-bound plane

A drone came close to colliding with a passenger plane when it was "deliberately" flown close to the aircraft.


Fly the world's smallest quadcopter

Technology is making toys smarter. BBC Click's LJ Rich takes a miniature quadcopter for a spin. It can fit in the palm of your hand, weighs the same as a pencil and its motors - based on the parts of your smartphone.


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