MT2213-935KV MultiStar Motor and Propeller Combo 10-4.5 CW CCW

Four brushless motors rotating at a speed of 935 rpm/volt drive 8" propellers to provide lift and direction. These integrate the prop adapter into the motor housing for problem free prop attachment and centering.

These were purchased from hobbyking and each come with both a clockwise and counter-clockwise propeller. Meaning that if you purchase four, then you have two of each type of propeller spare. Which I have found come in very handy when you crash.

I liked these because they come with the male bullet connectors already attached to the motor wires and are complete with mounting screws and female bullet connectors. I purchased additional silicone cable so that I could extend the wires to reach the speed controllers. The bullet connectors make changing a motor easy. Also when you fire connect these you have to swap two wires over if the motor is rotating in the wrong direction. Again the bullet connectors make this process easy.

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