A site to document my progress at designing, developing and building a robot.

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Robot Chassis

The chassis consists of two DC motors powering the two drive wheels, providing differential steering. With a castor at the rear to balance the platform. The motors are powered from a 5xAA battery pack, which provides 6V when using NiMh batteries, or 7.5V when using alkaline batteries.

Chassis »


For the moment the robot will be controlled by an Arduino Uno micro controller. This should enable me to make good progress with reative ease. Later I plan to add a Rasberry Pi micro computer to provide high level commands whilst the Arduino will continue to provide low level control.

Aduino Uno »

Ping Sensor

This is an ultrasonic device providing an easy method to measure distance. It is mounted via a bracket onto a standard servo, which allows panning though 180 degrees. The sensor uses two signal wires connected to two of the Arduino pins, one for input and one for output.

Ping Sensor »


The robot B4 was born on the 29th December 2012 when it powered into life for the first time. It was driven by applying power directory to the motor controller, the arduino was mounted to the chassis but not connected electrically.

Version 2 of the robot featured a Raspberry Pi camera module. The robot can now be controlled via a web browser.

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