Microcontroller Board

Arduino Uno R3

Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. The model on the robot is an Uno revision 3 (shown right). This has six analogue input pins and fourteen digital input/output pins. My project is using nine of the digital pins and none of the analogue pins. The Arduino is programmed using a variant of the C programming language.

I am using the Vin and one of the GND pins to supply the arduino from the 5volt regulated output from the motor driver board. This is temporary, as I intend to feed the arduino from the second battery pack as the robot grows. I am using the 5V and the other GND pin on the arduino to feed power to the ultrasonic range finder and the servo.

The Arduino has a type B USB socket which allows it to be connected to a PC via a standard USB A to B lead (such as that used on many printers) to allow easy programming.

I used M3x17mm spacers and M3x6mm screws to fix it to the chassis. The chassis had to be drilled because none of the pre-drilled holes line up with the Arduino.

Input/Output Wiring Guide

Arduino Pin Wire Colour Device Device Pin
0 Not Used
1 Not Used
2 White Ultrasonic Range Finder Echo
3 Brown Servo White Wire
4 Orange Ultrasonic Range Finder Ping
5 Not used
6 Green Motor Driver Enable L1-L2
7 Blue Motor Driver L2
8 Blue Motor Driver L1
9 Not Used
10 Green Motor Driver Enable L3-L4
11 Blue Motor Driver L4
12 Blue Motor Driver L3
13 Not Used (onboard LED)
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