MyRobot News

Controlling the robot through a web browser

I installed and configured Apache and a Python GCI script on the Raspberry Pi. The robot is now a roving webserver. I can now send commands to the robot from a web browser and view the images it takes with its camera.

Serial Communication with Humble Pi

I designed and built a voltage level shifter onto a Humble Pi add on board. I can now communicate between the Raspberry Pi and the Arduino.

Version2 - Brian

Finally the robot has beed re-built into version 2 and is now known as Brian. This newer version makes use of 3D printed parts and now carries a raspberry pi and camera.

UBEC for Raspberry-Pi

I want to power the Raspberry-Pi from 5 AA batteries. So I've bought a universal battery eliminator circuit. This should output a steady 5volt supply for the Pi.

Added bluetooth module

I've added a bluetooth shield to the arduino and written a little Andriod app to send commands to the robot.

Raspberry-Pi and Python

I've bought a Raspberry-Pi and written a very basic python script to send commands to the Arduino over the serial interface. The raspberry-Pi is 3.3v and the Arduino is 5v so i had to create a simple level shifting circuit to shift the voltage of the signals accordingly. Only at the breadboard stage at the moment, but i plan to soldering this to the Bluetooth sheild when it arrives.

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