The Chassis


The chassis kit came from MHobbies in China. This was a much more cost effective solution to UK alternatives. The motor brackets fix to the laser-cut plastic base with four small nut and bolts. The motors then fix to the motor brackets with two screws. This seems to be a very strong arrangment. Next there are some small hubs which slide onto the motor output shafts and are secured with a screw. Finally the metal wheels with rubber tyres fit onto the hubs and again are secured with a screw. These will not be falling off.

The rear caster is slightly undersized and requires some small spacers to make the platform level. The spacers come with the kit and are the type of thing you see PCBs mounted on. Unfortunatly one of the four in kit i received did not have the thread cut into it, so I had to find some similar replacements. These are fixed to the platform by pushing the threaded end though the pre-drilled holes and are held in place with small nuts. The caster then fixes onto the spacers and is held in place with four screws Again a very strong arrangment.

And that's it for assembling the chassis. I took me about half an hour because i was photographing the assembly, but it could probably be put together much quicker. There is a hole at the front of the platform to accept a standard servo and various other holes for sensors and things. In the center there is a round hole large enough to run the motor cables through and towrds the rear there is a large oval cutout which i'm guessing is to reduce weight.

Base Platform

This looks to be laser cut and has various holes for attaching sersors and such like. I understand it to be available in either black or clear and comes coated with protective paper.

Motors Brackets

Strong metal brackets painted in a black finished. These are attached to the chassis platform using four nuts and bolts for each one.


The motor casing is made from metal and they are marked are 6V 35rmp. I am supplying them with 7.5V with no problems, but I have no idea what rpm I am getting out of them. They have solder tags for attaching supply wires. They attach to the brackets with two screws for each motor.

Drive Wheels

The wheels including tyres are 65mm diameter and 27mm wide. Strong metal, probably aluminium and nicely painted blue. They come with hubs which attach to the motor shaft then the wheel is attached to the hub with a single screw. These won't be falling off and time soon.

Rear Caster

White plastic caster with metal mounting. Four spacers are provided which attach to the chassis platform using four screws. The caster then attaches to the spacers again using four screws. The spacers are there to make the platform level because the rear caster is smaller than the main drive wheels.

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